This feel-good, fresh-fruited tonic is brewed
and juiced under one roof with organic goodness your whole body can agree on. Feel what it’s like to revitalize with body-loving functionals and ingredients you can pronounce. Bottoms up, and enjoy a
sparkling detour from the norm.

Welcome to the brightside of drinking something different.

Good different.

Feel-Good Functionals

Pairing intentional ingredients with functional superfoods to build a fridge full of beverages that increase vitality and address your needs.

It’s vitality in a can.

Always Fresh

Juiced fresh with real, organic ingredients, pressed-fresh in house at our brewery in Chula Vista, CA. Free of preservatives and anything artificial.

Refrigeration is our only preservative

Never Fake

Free of stevia, erythritol and other high-impact sweeteners, we use exclusively real ingredients to craft our tonics.

We never fake it… and neither should you.

Sustainably Crafted 

Sourcing from small local and family farms, leveraging upcycled ingredients and hitting strong sustainability metrics.

A beverage you can feel good about drinking.