Vitality in a Can

Soda’s cooler, gutsier cousin squeezes full-body vitality into every can. Drink your
endorphins, hydrate your mood with a gently uplifting tonic made from fresh,
organic house-pressed fruit.

Packed with functionals

Your afternoon hero.

Packed with biome loving prebiotic fiber and intentional functionals, Mood is crafted to lift you up, brighten your mind and lighten your mood. This handcrafted sparkler adds a touch of vitality to enhance your overall well-being.

No Artifical Anything.

Never Fake.

Free of artificial ingredients, high-impact sweeteners (we're looking at you Stevia!) and preservatives. We never fake it, and neither should you.

Made with real fruit

So fruit-forward you might develop a crush.

We know our fruit on a first name basis. Sourced locally and juiced in-house, we go from fruit to can in under a week. That's fresh you can taste.